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The power of eclipta alba solid shampoo for oily scalp

This is your shampoo if you have a constant need to wash your hair every day. It is based on mild surfactants: coconut oil fatty acids sodium cocosulphate. It cleanses the hair and scalp very gently and carefully. And in combination with a surfactant also derived from coconut, it produces a gentle and effective lather. It's a wonder a natural shampoo can lather!

Eclipta alba is a magical Ayurvedic powder called Bringaraj. In India it is the most important blend for hair care. It gives hair strength, shine, strengthens the roots and stimulates the growth of new healthy hair. It is also effective against hair loss.
Cold Pressed Castor Oil. Everyone knows the properties of this oil. A rich and nourishing blend of fatty acids penetrates deeply into the hair. The formula of the shampoo has been chosen so that castor oil can revive dry, damaged hair.
Rosemary hydrolysate. Its quantity is insignificant and is used to improve the binding between the paste and the oil.
Neroli essential oil
A blend of CO2 extracts of coconut, raspberry, artichoke, camomile and St. John's wort to improve sebum regulation of the scalp, reduce hair loss and strengthen the hair follicle.
The main rule is not to get it wet. Therefore, after each use, we advise you to place the bar on a dry kitchen sponge to dry it.

The power of eclipta alba solid shampoo for oily scalp

  • Sodium coco sulfate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Bhringraj Powder, oleum ricini, aqua, Cocos nucifera [CO2] Extract, Rubus idaeus [CO2] Extract, Cynara scolymus [CO2] Еxtract, Matricaria chamomilla Flower [CO2] Еxtract, Hypericum perforatum [CO2] Еxtract, neroli essential oil.

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