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Cat's eye gel polish magnet

Magnet to create vertical and diagonal accents. With the help of a magnet on Cat's Eye gel polishes, you can create extra thin stripes on the nail surface, X-shaped patterns, curved lines, semicircles.

Instructions for use:

1. Use a black gel polish as a base for better shine and then apply Cat's Eye to the nail.

2. Before polymerising in the lamp, hold the magnet at a distance of 3 millimetres and hold for 5-7 seconds until the desired result is achieved.

3. Cure each layer of gel in the LED lamp for 30 seconds.


Dimensions: 40 * 10 * 4mm

CAUTION! Do not store this magnet near chip cards, intercom keys, car alarm key fobs, mobile phones, tablets and laptops - the magnetic field has a detrimental effect on all the above items. Avoid placing the magnet on the milling units to avoid disturbing the electromagnetic coil inside your router.

Cat's eye gel polish magnet

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