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Acid primer 8ml

Acid primer ACID PRIMER is a means that forms/improves adhesion between the surface of the natural nail and the polymer material.
It is used as the third stage of nail plate preparation in nail modeling and strengthening systems, and for wet nail plates. It is applied after the dehydrator before applying the base coat.
It is recommended for use with polymer materials that have low acidity. For highly acidic base coatings, the use of primers should be avoided to prevent excessive adhesion (MULTI BASE, RUBBER BASE), or applied to the areas most prone to peeling (free edge).
PH: 5.5.

Application technology:
0. Prepare the nail plate for applying gel polish: perform a manicure, give the desired shape to the free edge of the nail. When using the remover, remove its residues with a wet tissue
Degreasing: mechanically (using a buff) and chemically (using PREP&FINISH and a lint-free tissue) degrease the nail plate
2. Dehydration/dehydration: apply a thin layer of NAIL FRESHER to the entire surface of the nail, for wet hands – to the nail and side ridges. Allow to dry in the air until a whitish shade appears on the surface of the nail plate. If necessary, repeat several times.
3. Bonding: with a semi-dry brush, apply ACID PRIMER to the center of the NP and allow the agent to be evenly distributed. Try to apply the product in 1-2 movements, holding the brush at an angle of 15 degrees to the plate to prevent excessive adhesion. Allow to dry in the air until a whitish shade appears.

! In case of contact with the skin, remove the residue with a wet tissue



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