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Serum for hair loss Grow Up

Grow Up" Peptide Anti-Hair Loss Serum
To stimulate new hair growth and strengthen hair follicles
- Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1
- Niacinamide
- Caffeine
- Apigenin
We have created an oil-free product that does not require rinsing. It is as easy to use as possible and as effective as possible. You know our undeniable love of peptides, so we combined peptides with niacinamide, caffeine, apigenin and more in a serum to stimulate hair growth and fight hair loss.

Key benefits:

1) Follicusan™ DP contains bioactive proteins, provitamin B5, inositol, acetyl cysteine and acetyl methionine. This product "prolongs the life" of scalp cells, including hair follicles, thus preventing premature hair loss (alopecia).

Stimulates the proliferation and synthesis of the extracellular matrix of human papillary dermal cells, the biosynthesis of type IV collagen and heparan sulphate proteoglycan.
Positive effect on hair density, thickness and degree of hair anagen
Active ingredient isolated from milk cytokines/dairy origin
Prevents and heals scalp and follicle cell dysfunction
Stops the development of androgenetic alopecia in women
2) Procapil is an innovative peptide from a French laboratory that prevents the ageing of hair follicles, helps fight premature hair loss and targets the main causes of alopecia: poor scalp microcirculation, follicular atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone and follicular ageing. How it works: It consists of three active ingredients that reinforce each other's action - biotinyl tripeptide-1, apigenin and oleic acid. This combination of ingredients tackles all hair problems at once:

blocks dehydrotestosterone
stimulates cell division
Improves microcirculation in the scalp, allowing more nutrients to reach the hair
OLEIC ACID (ACIDO OLEANOICO) is an extract from the roots of hemsley hogweed that acts as an inhibitor of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone.
BIOTINYL-GHK is a vitaminised matrixin, a cellular metabolism stimulator that promotes strong hair fixation through the action of adhesive proteins.
Apigenin (APIGENINA), a flavonoid from lemon extract, acts on the microcirculation and has a vasodilating effect.
The result is stronger, coarser and more elastic hair. The serum increases the anagen phase and reduces the telogen phase, thus quantitatively reducing hair loss.

3) Caffeine - promotes the flow of energy directly into the hair follicle. The growth phases are prolonged, which means that it is possible to maintain thick and healthy hair into old age. The effectiveness of caffeine in protecting the hair from the effects of testosterone has been confirmed by modern dermatological studies in university clinics.

4) Niacinamide - stimulates blood circulation, which actively affects hair growth, has sebum-regulating properties and restores the skin barrier. It also improves the process of sloughing off dead skin cells. However, we always stress that if you are experiencing excessive hair loss, you should also have your ferritin levels tested! Monitor your omega and vitamin D levels, support your nervous system with active magnesium and take biotin.

Serum for hair loss Grow Up

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