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Retreat thermal protection and moisturising hair

Retreat Thermal Protection Spray
HMA Silky (Ceramide III + Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract)
7 amino acids
Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil & Phytosterols
No dimethicone, no amodimethicone PH 4.4
What does the product do?

Protects hair from high temperatures (up to 220°C) during heat styling
Hydrates and conditions the hair
Prevents hair tangling
Strengthens hair fibres
Reduces hair breakage
Active ingredients:

HMA Silky is a liposomal hair ingredient developed using a unique co-acervation technology that enhances its efficacy when applied to the hair. The carefully selected formulation improves the hair's resistance to breakage by 29% and increases the hair's hydration and nutrition.
The product contains ceramides, which restore hair integrity and have a strong moisturising effect. As a result, the overall condition of the hair is improved throughout its length. Vitamin F strengthens and nourishes the hair and Vitamin P, in the form of Hamamelis extract, protects against UV rays.
The product contains polyquaternium-68 and behenthrimonium chloride for conditioning and easier combing, and phenyltrimethicone for exceptional shine and smoothness.
Prodew 500 is a natural moisturising factor with a unique composition of amino acids. It increases the hair's elasticity, making it more resistant to damage and restoring its structure and micro-damage.
MUSTARD PHYTOSTEROLS - Penetrates deeply into the hair within 30 minutes of application. It significantly improves the hair's elasticity, brightness and shine and has a noticeable conditioning effect. Mustard Phytosterols Increase hair thickness - see results from the first application. Improves elasticity and triples strength. This means that after 12 applications, hair elasticity increased by 191%. Mustard Phytosterols make wet hair easier to comb. Crambisol in the composition provides an effect of +50% hair brightness. Crambisol in hair care products provides an immediate and long lasting effect

Retreat thermal protection and moisturising hair

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