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RAPID CUTICLE REMOVER 180ml with a dispenser

Liquid rapid cuticle remover 

RAPID CUTICLE REMOVER is a professional-grade tool for instant cuticle removal in 5 seconds.

Thanks to the special alkaline formula, it instantly softens the cuticle. Works with all skin types, especially rough, dry cuticles. Requires neutralization with water.

It is recommended to work in a conveyor way, to apply the product on 1-2 fingers.
Do not apply to traumatized skin with fresh wounds and burrs.

The 180ml package with a dispenser is designed for refilling smaller and more convenient containers for everyday work.

Application technology:

1. Carefully apply the product to the cuticle
2. Leave for 5 seconds
3.Using a pusher, push back and remove the cuticle
4. At the end of the procedure, remove the residues of the product with water or wet wipes
5. After manicure, apply cuticle oil to moistened skin

RAPID CUTICLE REMOVER 180ml with a dispenser

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